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Most Dreamweaver users certainly know about Adobe products and its recent Adobe Creative Cloud.

In 2014 Adobe..

…announced that any improvement in their products will reflect on their new cloud version and no releases will be made for older versions. As the name implies, CC works through the application of cloud computing. It is under the type Software as a Service (SaaS). The software suite still contains all its popular and useful applications for various purposes such as video editing, graphic design, web development and photography. In Creative Cloud, users need to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to continue using Adobe applications. The company promised to have more frequent Adobe update on their applications on the cloud which means that bugs and other issues will be fixed fast for better consumer experience.

The new version will have to be downloaded online and installed on individual computers. The Creative Cloud is hosted by Amazon Cloud Services. With the availability of this cloud application, perpetual licenses will be of no use. This helps the company in dealing with piracy issues on their software which is noted to be one of the most pirated products in the market. Though this move of the company was applauded by investors, it got a negative impression on users.

For Web Designers / Dreamweaver users..

Those who were able to use the Adobe Creative Suite would find of its feature on Adobe CC with of course the addition of more features such as saving in the cloud, faster updates and easy file sharing. Most of the known applications of Adobe are accessible on this cloud version such as Adobe Acrobat, After Effects, Audition, Bridge and more. Those who are interested in building websites could still use the Adobe Dreamweaver together with Adobe Edge that supports Javascript, HTML 5, JQuery and CSS3. If not interested in writing codes for creating a website, clients have the option to use Adobe Muse. Multimedia fanatics could still use Adobe Flash applications such as Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Flash Player. For graphics editor, they could still use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop which are among the most popular applications when it comes to graphics and design. Added to this many list of applications are Behance, Adobe Story Plus and cloud-base storage service.
Though most of the applications in their version that require perpetual licenses are still on the Adobe Cloud, the environment is much different since these applications now run through the cloud. This means that subscribers who wanted to renew will now deal with a monthly subscription fee. Though prior to its launching a lot of people expressed their disagreement on this plan, still the company pursued their vision on the Creative Cloud. Since a lot of consumers were not pleased with the transition from perpetual license to monthly subscription, competitors are making their move to offer an alternative to consumers.
The Adobe Creative Cloud is certainly a promising move of Adobe and some consumers gladly accepted it but with the many issues that it faced from the time it was launched; a lot of people are already thinking if subscribing to this application is still worth it now that it is in the cloud.

Where to Buy Adobe CC for Teams.

If you go to your favourite online technology retailer you can buy subscriptions for Adobe Creative Cloud, and Creative Cloud for teams.  It’s available from most retailers.


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